Fashion Style

Are you the next trendsetter? If this is your goal, use these helpful tips and your dreams will be achieved! These tips are for everyone, boy or girl!

General Tip #1-Matching to a Somewhat Theme:


Well, which outfit would you rather wear? The one on the left of the one on the right?

The one on the left as you see has a lot going on. Some of the outfit doesn’t even look, well, like it’s not supposed to be in the outfit. You have to have some theme going on or else you’ll look like a criminal to the fashion police.

fantage police

General Tip #2- Mix and Match Items!


If you just wear the most popular items in your inventory ALL the time, you don’t really have your own taste of fashion. Wearing a mix of non-member and member items looks nice…it shows that you have a taste of fashion and you are modest.


If you don’t know what I mean, check out the outfits I have put together up above!

General Tip #3- Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment!

Forever Alone - If Pears and potatoes are cool Then my face is beautiful

Do you see an item in let’s say, Le Shop but you think people will tease you because you aren’t wearing all popular items.

It’s amazing when people style shop items into amazing outfits! In fact, people might start complementing you!

Here is one example:

nice outfit

Cute, right? The board looks really nice, and it’s non-member!

Always follow your hearts desires~~~


6 thoughts on “Fashion Style

          1. Ikr? Expensive pixels…so basically, most of the food accessories are valuable. ._. The worst is that I was on the lemonade event, but I didn’t have membership, wich is good because I used to sell basically everything I had to stupid Lucky Bob. (Fantage knew that there were stupid kids who would get scammed by him.) I hate my “old self”. TnT

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