Make Your Text Show

Ever had those annoying moments when you’re talking to your buddy on Fantage, but they have no idea what you’re saying because your text didn’t show?

Well not any more!

Here, I’ve compiled a list of way to make sure your text shows. No more confusing moments, not anymore!

Making Sure Your Text Actually Shows:

In the Public Chat:

When you’re talking to someone in the public chat-room, using tester words will really help. Some tester words include:

  1. CLASSIC- If your text shows, CLASSIC will turn into classIC.
  2. uqly- If your text shows, uqly will turn into awesome.
  3. FUN- If your text shows, FUN will turn into fun.
  4. HELLO- If your text shows, HELLO will turn into hello.

There are many other tester words, but these are the only ones that’ll actually help you figure out if your text shows.

In The Private Chat:

In the private chat, it is really simple to make sure your text shows. All you need to do is make sure your text is in another color besides black. If you text is in the color you chose, your message shows. If it turned black, then it didn’t show.

Here’s you turn your text into a different color:


Click on the black square in the PC, and choose a new color!


Simple as that!


Breaking apart your sentences will help.

Adding the letter j, x, or z in the middle of your words may help them show. I like to use a double or even a triple of a letter in a word. Using a j instead of an i is really common and works like a charm, also.

If your word still doesn’t show, try spelling it out. If I wanted to say, show but that word didn’t show, I could do this:


Use abbreviations and “Fantagese” instead of writing out a whole sentence.

Sometimes, it can take a lot of practice trying to make sure your message shows, but after time it can get pretty easy!

I hope this helped!