-Member Eyes for Everyone!

Hey guys! It’s really tempting to buy membership on Fantage because of those member eyes at Sun Block. I mean, they are big and well, member! And this trick is for everyone, happy birthday my friend. So let’s get started.

First, go log into Fantage, the Spanish version.

Spainish Fantage

Next, in the beach there is a place called “Sun Block”. Click on Sun Block to enter.

Sun Block

Now in Sun Block, click on the “SHOP” button.

Shop Button Sun Block

Click on whatever kind of eyes you want and buy them with ECOINS. You actually pay 0 ecoins.

Purple Mist Eyes

Let’s just say I was going to buy these eyes…


*Because my account wasn’t loading in the Spanish version, I have took the pictures in regular Fantage. This trick will NOT work in English/regular Fantage.


Thoughts? Open Discussion Down Below!

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