Back To School

Hey everybody! As we all know, 1+1=2

Wait no not that…



So to get your mind of 9+10 is not 21 or else you’ll fail your test, here are some outfits for school on Fantage! (Because you get to act like a seven year old there ^o^)


bts 1

I used shop items, lucky bot items, and Cody items. They turned out cute!


bts 2

These outfits have limited items in them also which makes them a bit harder, as well as some rares, shop items, and retired items.


bts 3

These have popular items, with my taste threaded into these outfits. 😉


7 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. Can someone show me how to get secretary hair and/or black and white shorts for free or with stars? PLZ show me how if you do! Or plz give me a free account with those items! TYSM TYSM TYSM!!!


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