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That’s the blog’s logo, a bird symbolizing striving to the reach the top!


This blog is run by me, cutiecake4321 also known as Julia. I’m a Fantagian with a level of 1600+. I love shopping, playing silly pranks on other Fantagians, and helping other Fantagians. Expect me to post about Fantage events, new items, tricks and tips, Fantage fashion, or just simply topics about  Fantage!

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Finding Elfie Cheats- Fantage 2016

Your dead blogger Julia has returned once again with her event help posts! Honestly I’m so bored, and since I have 3 more months left on Fantage, why not make use about it and help others?

Alright, time to get to the event.

Eflie looks like this:


Once you find him for the first time, you get a medal:


The medal’s max is 10 for non-members, and 20 for members.

You also get snowflakes:



  • Someone saw him using a calculator- School 123 Room
  • Mission Clue- Mission Center
  • Helicopter-Mountain
  • Lily the Blue Fairy-Grotto
  • Lotus in a Pond- Near Creature Arena Thind in the Forest
  • Seagull in Sunglasses- Lighthouse
  • Clean Fantage Sign- School
  • The Coconut Tree- Beach
  • Chalkboard and an Apple- School Room ABC
  • School Bell- Inside School First Floor
  • Lots of trees- Forest near Arrest Leprechaun Sign
  • Saxophone- Music Room in School
  • Cubes and Laser- Q- Blast
  • Crystal Ball- Orion’s rare items
  • Shark- Beach
  • Pumpkin- Costume Shop
  • Michelle owns this place- Le Shop
  • Waiter- Chez Fantage (Cruise Ship Restaurant)
  • Present Shape Building- Outside MyMall
  • Hook and Book- Fantage School Gym
  • Telescope- Lighthouse Top Floor
  • Moodies- Idfone Shop
  • British Officer- Castle
  • Poison- Lighthouse Basement
  • Piano and Bed- Furniture Shop
  • DJ- Beach Dance Club
  • Swan Boat- Grotto
  • Water Slide- Cruise Ship
  • Puzzles- Arcade
  • Wooden Building- Snowboarding Lodge Cabin Thingy
  • Underground Tunnel- Downtown Mission Center Tunnel
  • O&X- School Gym
  • Cosmic Crest- Grotto
  • Fantage Legends- Hall of Fame 3rd Floor
  • Jamie- Clubhouse
  • Carrots and Watermelon- School Cafeteria
  • Two Seagulls- Lighthouse Top Floor
  • Coldest Place in Fantage- Mt. Fantage
  • Luxurious Car FC500- Furniture Shop
  • Campfire- Mt Fantage
  • Shampoo- Stellar Salon
  • Golden Figures- Hall of Fame-
  • A Heart on the Floor- Le Shop
  • Soda Machine- Cafeteria of School
  • Ferris Wheel – Carnival
  • Fantage Standard Time – Downtown
  • Coffee – Star Cafe
  • Drums – Fantage School Music Room
  • Chalkboard and an Apple – Fantage School Room ABC
  • Lipstick and Eye Shadows – Stella Salon\
  • Mannequin – PM Boutique
  • Mouse – Castle
  • Realtor –  Castle (Inside)
  • Bushes with Flowers – Near Top Models
  • Take Out – Star Cafe
  • Newest Building in Fantage – Clubhouse
  • Pixie and Soapie Stan – Q-Blast
  • Hats – Le Shop
  • Roulette- Lucky Bob’s
  • Wooden Floor- Fantage School Gym
  • Brick Set- Top Models
  • Sunbed- Island
  • Calculator – School Room 123
  • Aloha! – Resort
  • Swimsuits – High Tide
  • Animal Footprints – Pet Academy
  • Warm and Relaxing – Spa
  • Harambe- Zoo
  • Shell Motivated Building – Spa
  • Colors and Themes – Top Models Inc.
  • Reporters – Comet & Co.
  • Helicopter- Mt. Fantage
  • Cabin- Mt Fantage
  • Agents- Mission Center
  • Wearing a lipstick- Stellar Salon
  • Buying Emoticons- IDFone Shop
  • Chess- Fantage School 2nd Floor

To be updated,


Fantage Diss Track!

**This post contains some vulgar language. If you don’t like cuss/etc., stop reading this post and go play outside or something.**

A Fantage diss track? What are you thinking Julia? Aren’t you supposed to be dead?

Well as a bored dead blogger, I don’t know what I’m thinking anymore. I don’t even know how to start a post normally. Don’t ask.

Anyways, here’s the secret to the universe

Oops, I meant the diss track brought to you by a cringey 12 year old who shouldn’t be on the Internet..and no I’m not talking about Jacob Saggytits.


Shades on, leggo.


Your best players are probably 50 year old men who are outta wack,

And your items look more shitty than an ol’ potato sack,

You don’t pay your employees enough so that when they look at their paycheck,

They make crappy events so bored users host tryouts for virtual sex,

Le Shop looks like a pile of shit,

Who the hell did you hire to do this remodel, do they have a permit?

This is probably the only pixel game with 3 currencies,

Seriously, SOS this is a emergency!

Banning innocent people and not scammers because that’s the plan,

What the hell is this, I just don’t understand!

You brainwash 7 year olds to think that you need to have a bae to be cool,

These admins really just need to go to school,

A million dollars to buy one exclusive pixel,

Damn these prices are high, it’s official,

You get kids to whine to use their parents’ credit card,

You don’t even give them decent stuff, its all starred,

This game is going down for real,

I bet its worth less than a box of cereal,

I can’t say show but I can say fiouc,

This chat filter system is more dumb than Donald Duck,

This game going down quicker than my GPA,

Look at all these pissed off users, they ain’t gonna stay,

I’m really hoping for an event all about bleach,

All these players would gulp it down like a peach,

Where’s all the creativity?

Cause repeat Christmas events definitely don’t shout festivity,

Non members can’t even sell at MyMall,

They’d rather hang out in a dirty bathroom stall,

You got an ABC room at Fantage school,

Yet you can’t even spell Rosie, what a damn fool,

The hall of fame?

More like the hall of people who ain’t gotta life , lame!

You got prepubescent avatars wearing bikinis,

And you got boys saying they’ll bang these girls with a pixel dick that’s teeny weeny,

You know that PM Boutique?

Its popularity level went down in less than a week,

The clubhouse is filled weebs and people who need attention,

Its not helping your 1 star rating get any higher, did I forget to mention?

I hope this manager gets his shit in place,

Because Fantage ain’t no Fantastic age- it’s a disgrace.


*drops microphone*

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Energy Cheat

I know, I really shouldn’t be posting this because I’m supposed to be dead on this blog but…

I’ve found an easy cheat to get energy!

Using Memepony’s suggestion to play Wild Slinger to get energy, I went ahead and did so. And I’ve found a glitch!

So, here it is!

1) Go to all the way to the right side of Pet Town and click on the Pet Games. Once you’ve clicked that, the games should pop up. Choose Wild Slinger.


2) Play Wild Slinger! Memepony reccomends choosing the hard mode because it helps you work on 2 medals at once, and you can get more stars. 😀


3) Go ahead and complete all the levels successfully.

4) This is the most important step. Only click the close button to exit, and every time you click it you’ll get an energy.


Now click okay on the y  part super fast multiple times. It’ll allow to click close and okay really fast so you can get tons of energy.

Want proof?


Posting a video tutorial soon which will not be edited, but just raw video to ensure everyone that I didn’t edit, since there’s always that one person who nags about it. :/

Edit: Here it is!



P.S.: Today’s my birthday and now I can proclaim myself as the cringey 12 year old who shouldn’t be on the internet, hoorah! 😀


Forcing Myself to Post This


Ethereal Crystal

This should be a fairly short post, because I’ve kind of gotten sick of writing them. :/

Blogging has become a painful chore which I’ve pushed aside. Blogging about Fantage events is pointless because they’re so simple and self explanatory. Blogging about Fantage fashion takes up too much time. Why waste an hour on making outfits to only have 5 people actually read/comment on them? It’s much easier to be on Instagram and post one picture. And people to actually look at them.

I haven’t and won’t be posting much on Fantagebirds. Why should I write an 1000 word post on something when people should be able to comprehend themselves? I mean, if you can’t read 3 sentence instructions on Event Info signs that’s sad.I mean if there was anything worthwhile to post about, I would.  I might if there happens to be anything like a cheat/glitch.

I’ll be sticking to…

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Luke’s Amazing Fantage 432k Gold GIVEAWAY! 6/8-7/8/16


Rant - & - Reminiscence

From today to July 8, you can comment on RANT AND REMINISCENCE *ONLY* to get a chance to be one of the three lucky people to win 144,000 Gold! 

Gold Giveaway Poster


Prize (3 winners)

On July 8, I’ll post a screenshot of three randomly-picked winners who will each get 144,000 Gold.

Note: If you’re a nonmember without permission, the only thing I can tell you is to buy the $3.99 membership, which I think is totally worth getting 144,000G.


  1. No using other accounts. I will verify that nobody is using another WordPress account by checking IP addresses. If two or more people have the same IP address, I will disqualify all entries with that IP address.
  2. If you are one of the winners and you don’t claim your prize by July 15, I will pass your prize to…

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Awakened from the Dead.

This post has been a draft for over a week; parts of it will be really old news!

As you can tell from the title, I’m actually active! I’ve been liking and commenting on posts but not as much, and I haven’t written a post in what seems like forever. Excuse the awkward vibe this post may give you since I haven’t written a post in a long time. It feels so new to me, even though it’s not.

Alright, shall I start with the updates/actual good pacts of this post?

Fantage Reoprter News

Yes, my picture got into the Comet Magazine for I think the third time? This isn’t really interesting, is it? I wanted to share this because of the impact it had on me when I realized it got into the Comet. It’s a long story so I’ll try to not get as elaborate into it…

The story goes that my mom went to the doctor’s office and it was a far away one. She had to use the subway and then 2 buses to get there, and then back home. Because Manhattan is a traffic zone, she ended up being late 20 minutes and I was struggling to open the door to my house using my keys. And I couldn’t because they locks are old and hard to open. And I was there standing outside the door struggling and panicking for all that time. Once my mom came home and opened the door, I cooled myself down and finally went on Fantage to realize that my picture got in. Thanks, Fantage! 😛


I’ve been leveling up some more, but not as quickly. I don’t seem to have the motivation I used to have. I got a few more levels for making my new account values (Thank you rainbowstar135 for the username idea!) which is a guy. I “invited” it and made it a premium member, so I got some levels.

Here’s the inventory of values:










I made the account two days ago, and bought 88,000 gold which was $20.00 along with $3.99 membership which came with 1,000 gold. It has re-occuring membership so I might as well stock up on starred limiteds. Luke gave me 99% of the items on the account (basically everything except the starred chalk and the starter items) so I’d like to give him a ginormous thank you! He’s quitting Fantage, so go follow his life blog. 😉

I’ve found out a bunch of new things about Fantage in the past month. First of all, http://www.fantage.com isn’t the only url you can use to access to et to the Fantage homepage. The other urls you can use include:

I found these all out when looking for a new url for this site. I was going to use http://www.fantasticage.com but it was taken, so I wanted to check out what the site looked like. And to my surprise, it was actual Fantage!

These all redirect you to http://www.fantage.com . Don’t worry, these links are all safe and aren’t some inappropriate joke.

I also tried using http://www.fantage.co but unfortunately it only lead me to this:


An advertising page. Great…

I’ve also found Fantage’s old Comet page. Click here to see it. The site has a bunch of cool stuff, including actually decent Writer’s Den entries, to stationary, to even wallpapers. Here are a few samples from what’s on it.



A coloring sheet of the old Creature Shop.
A coloring sheet of the old Arcade.
A coloring sheet of Le Shop.
Old Fantage Map wallpaper
The Castle.
The classic Fantage wallpaper which was actually made by a user, tipu.
A birthday invitation card


There’s a new event on Fantage, a Pizza Party in celebration of the end of the school year. Unfortunately I still have school until the end of June, and Australian school kids have a long way to go until their summer break arrives. 😮


What I find most funny in this in event is Luigi. He reminds me of Mario. 😛

He just seems more chubby to me. Does anyone else see the resemblance…or is it just me?

Event Info



Is that a Luigi poster? I also see some balloons near the soda machine, along with a banner of the colors of Italy’s flag, with pizza triangles. Wait…TRIANGLES?

By clicking either this button qaaaa or Luigi, this will pop up on your screen:

The goal of this event is to collect all 8 of the pizza slices to get the event medal and a prize. You can collect them by playing Pizza Chaos or by buying 8 slices.

Spoiler! The prize item has been leaked from the Photo Booth:


The slice of pizza board is the prize, if you were confused. 😛



nty pls.PNG
Pretty self explanatory. It reminds me of the Cupcake Conundrum event game which Fantage held a long time ago. Memories, sigh.
You have 60 seconds to serve as many pizza slices as possible. Click the customer’s bubble or plate to serve them. I’m getting a glitch where the first pizza I serve is incorrect even though it isn’t, and it takes 15 seconds to make everything load. 

When you serve the customer incorrect, the broken heart appears. When you complete the order correctly, the pink heart appears.

Of course I was writing a post, and forgot about the whole game…
You can buy a slice of pizza for 1,000 gold, as expected. This is much cheaper than the 2,000 gold for the sushi event, probably because the Fantage economy has lost millions of gold to the Limited Item Exclusive shenanigan. :/
noot noot.PNG
This pops up on your screen when you buy a pizza slice.
To get the medal you must collect all 8 of the pizza slices. Members will earn 10 levels while regular members will only earn 5. It costs 8,000 gold for 5 or 10 levels, which is actually pretty reasonable!

Limited Items


Items can be purchased in either Uptown or Downtown by clicking on these carts. Does anyone else see how Fantage made the Fantagians’ crotch area oddly stand out?



  • Mustache: 2,000 gold
  • Headband: 2,000 gold
  • Shirt: 3,000 gold
  • Pizza: 2,000 gold
  • Board: 4,000 gold



  • Mustache: 2,000 gold
  • Headband: 2,000 gold
  • Shirt: 3,000 gold
  • Pizza: 2,000 gold
  • Board: 4,000 gold

One sentence: Go buy the mustache.

Speaking about mustaches, here’s a pun about them!

What’s the name of a cow’s mustache?


A moostache! 


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