OOOTD Plus My Fantage Black Friday

Hello my friends~


I recently went Black Friday shopping on Fantage I guess, because I got soo many good deals. Not sayin’ that Black Friday gives you the best deals, I mean, sometimes sales can be pretty ummm, lame?

For your pleasure, an OOTD which is too fancy for life. (Pixeled life)

ootd yay

It’s Chloe hair up there! And a ton of other stuff 😛 I can’t wear my Cleo slippers because I’m doing this thing wear I’m not allowed to wear Cleo Slippers, and let me say, IT’S GREAT! Mmchan made this up, go follow her blog now! 

I’ve also wanted to give a shoutout to a blogger, since she’s really small in our community. It’s Laurien from FantagiansForum! Go follow the blog right now!

I’ve recently gotten a TON of good deals, and I’m so happy to have gotten them! Too bad most of them are starred. 😛

all for good

^^ All for really cheap! I got Chloe, CC, and BB hair for min which costed my wallet. I can’t believe I got a coin limited dress for minimum, and the cider for min! Basically everything here was sold for minimum price, or a little over minimum.

And because I got all of this, I wanted to give back just a little!

500 gold XD

To win such a tremendous amount of gold, you must:

  1. FOLLOW MY BLOG! (A.K.A this blog A.K.A Fantagebirds)
  2. And comment what’s your favorite item that I bought XD (So I know you are still an active follower 😛 )

That’s it! All the followers will be randomized in 24 hours!

Good luck and ciao~

cutiecake signature yay finally



54 thoughts on “OOOTD Plus My Fantage Black Friday

    I can’t choose
    lets see
    the firework shirt
    and i’ve always been active!
    your the second blog i always go to other than my own!


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