How Does the Island of Fantage Stay Floating?

Fantage Chemistry

The island of Fantage clearly doesn’t follow the rule of gravity. How can that island float in the middle of the air? Is this just a case of black magic, or can science answer this question?

First, we have to acknowledge that in the world of Fantage, every citizen uses hoverboards. You can theorize that the whole island is floating using the same things hoverboards need to float with.

Our technology in society has remarkably improved over the past years. We even have hoverboards! Not only that, but our subways (the train underground) are supported by magnetic levitation.

Magnetic levitation is a method used to lift an object with only magnetic fields. You know how in magnetism the magnetic force is attracted by the opposite pole of another magnet? (Positives and negatives, positive attracts negative, negative attracts positive.) And then there are those two like poles facing each other and causes…

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