2 Tags In 1 Post

Hello people of the internet.

I’ve been slacking of my duties of blogging, and instead have been spamming you all with horrible well, spam.

I believe there was one tag where you tell the story of why you choose your username, and your blog. So here’s the first tag:

Why did you choose your username?

For Fantage, I have no idea why I choose cutiecake. I was probably thinking of the Easy Bake oven I got that year for my birthday. I originally just wanted cutiecake, but that was taken. So, I added that 4321 at the end, and boom! My stupid username was born.

As for WordPress, my name is just my Fantage user, as well as adding Julia because I just really like the name. No, my real name is not Julia. I really wish it was, but I have this real name of mine which nobody can pronounce on the first day of school. 😉


And then Anna made up another tag, so here I go with that.


  • Tell people what you’re going to do when you quit or before you quit Fantage.
  • Spread yourself with EOS lip balm.
  • Tag other people.

Simple enough, so here this goes.

When I quit, I’ll just give my account away to my sisters. I don’t care what they do. I’ll probably have a giveaway for a portion of my gold, maybe like 50k. As for my items, I’ll give away some of them to my friends who are unable to get them, like if they don’t have a lot of gold or they keep on giving away their gold. And no, I will not give these items away to “friends” who’ll just sell them and make profit because they don’t care about the fact I’m quitting Fantage.

My sisters can decide on whether they want membership or not, and if they don’t I’ll cancel the membership.

Wow fake Julia your story is so interesting

I tag:

  • The sky
  • The cookies I just baked
  • The person who created insane algebra
  • The chair I’m sitting on
  • And a Cadbury chocolate bar


cutiecake signature yay finally


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